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Education Thesis

An education thesis is an extensive research and writing project that makes a useful contribution to the field of education. One of the hallmarks of an education thesis is its practicality; generally, students write education theses that discuss some aspect of the teaching process, which they may then apply in their own classrooms.

The student who is writing an education thesis should first choose a topic. If he or she is obtaining a graduate degree in education with the intent to teach a certain subject, he or she may choose to write the thesis on some teaching strategy for that subject. For example, the student may write an education thesis on how to teach the subjunctive mood effectively to an elementary-level Spanish class. On the other hand, the student may choose to avoid discussions of subject material and instead focus on some other aspect of the teaching process, such as disciplining a classroom or productively challenging all the students in a classroom despite their varying skill levels.

Then, the thesis writer should perform all the research that may contribute to a successful education thesis. He or she may have to perform some primary research, such as interviewing experienced teachers or testing some theories on actual classrooms. Students who have planned their thesis topics well ahead of time may have the opportunity to form hypotheses, to test them on their classrooms during the student teaching phase of their personal education, and to document the results; this well-documented primary research may provide exceptionally strong material for an education thesis, particularly if external, secondary research supports the findings.

Finally, in writing the education thesis, the student may have to consider some special formatting issues. In this field, writers are often discussing concepts that are more easily understandable in graphs, pictures, or charts; therefore, the student should consider expressing arcane concepts both textually and graphically, and he or she may even decide to publish the thesis in color if helpful.