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Example of Literature Review

Students who are learning how to write literature reviews may benefit from consulting examples of literature reviews, which they may find on the Internet or through the university writing lab or library. Such examples of literature review writing may help students improve their understanding of the task in several ways.

First, an example of literature review writing may help the student gain a stronger understanding of the format and organization of a literature review. Literature reviews usually contain the following four components in sequence: introduction, summary of the work of literature, analysis, and conclusion. Unless the review writer has a specific reason to structure the review in a different way, the analysis is usually the longest and most important component.

Second, examples of literature review writing on the work of literature that the student is studying may help illuminate the most significant aspects of the book, particularly with regard to its weaknesses. By reading examples of literature reviews, the student may realize that other experts in the field have noticed different strengths and weaknesses in the work, and that realization can produce a well-informed literature review.

Third, an example of literature review writing on the chosen work of literature may reveal witty or compelling phrases that the student may quote in his or her own review. These quotes from other reviews, when the student uses them wisely and sparingly, can buttress a review's conclusions effectively, because they show that other experts have considered and possibly agree with the student's position on the work of literature. However, because literature reviews are usually fairly brief pieces of writing, students should avoid using an overabundance of outside quotes; for the most part, they should limit themselves to a thoughtful interaction with the text alone.

An example of literature review writing can greatly aid the review writer, and students who are creating literature reviews should not hesitate to consult such examples.