Dissertation Writing Help

Example of Thesis

Students may benefit from obtaining examples of theses that show how to handle various components of the thesis project, such as writing introductions, formatting, citing sources, and creating indices.

First, the student may use an example of thesis papers to learn how to write an introduction. A thesis introduction will contain a brief summary of the thesis's argument, probably close to the end of the chapter. Through viewing an example of thesis introduction, the student can see how to catch the reader's attention, how to state the thesis's purpose and methods, and how to state the thesis's argument clearly so that the reader knows what to expect.

Second, examples of theses may show the student the best way to format a thesis. They may show many different styles of title pages, different margin and font sizes and styles, various ways to include a graph or chart on the page, and so forth. These examples of theses may provide some formatting ideas that the student may not otherwise have considered.

Third, a thesis written in the style that the student's department requires will demonstrate how to cite sources properly. The student should pay attention to the exact placement of the identifying information of each research source, including the punctuation that separates each component. The student should also be aware that the style for in-text citation usually differs from a bibliographic entry in significant ways.

Fourth, the student may benefit from viewing an example of thesis indices, which will show the types of words that appear in an index and how to indicate where those words arise in the body of the thesis. Writing an index is a highly complex task, and viewing examples thereof may save students some time. Students may also consider having several indices that each serve different purposes, such as an index of names that appear in the text as well as an index of important common nouns.