Dissertation Writing Help

Examples of a Thesis

One may obtain examples of a thesis through browsing the university's library, through asking one's major professor, or through conducting a brief Internet search. Students may benefit greatly from viewing examples of theses, because they will show how to compile, synthesize, and organize a vast amount of information into one long academic work.

Students will benefit most from reading examples of theses if they make a list of the thesis parts or elements in which they need assistance. These parts or elements may include chapter divisions; organization of supporting evidence; thesis statements; methods of citing various types of research sources; and, if the examples of theses discuss the same general topic as the student's prospective thesis, bibliographic material. The bibliographic material in particular may provide the student with some excellent direction; if the writer of the example thesis has only published it in the last few years, the thesis may show who the authorities in the field are and which research sources the student should begin reading. No matter what the thesis part or element in question is, however, reading theses can help the student learn how to execute that element well.

The student who is in the idea development stage may also benefit from reading examples of a thesis topic that sounds relevant to the student's field of study. Reading titles and tables of contents will help the student learn what the controversies or areas of disagreement are and how others have supported their opinions. For example, performing a search for examples of theses on global warming may produce many titles that deal with a number of different aspects of the problem, and the student may develop a better grasp of his or her own interest in the topic and its possibilities for further study.

In short, examples of theses can provide the student with some excellent direction in the technical construction of theses as well as in idea development and maintenance. The student should not hesitate to seek answers to his or her questions through reading strong, well-reviewed theses.