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Great Thesis

A great thesis always begins with a great idea, because no academic writing can be stronger than the idea that drives it. Then, to support that great idea, the writer performs thorough, creative research and argues the idea eloquently in the thesis writing. Finally, great theses undergo an intensive editing and revising stage.

First and most importantly, the student who wishes to write a great thesis must develop an idea that adds something noteworthy to its field. In rare cases, the student may launch out in an entirely innovative direction, but often students will be able to write great theses simply by offering a new interpretation or nuance of old ideas.

Second, the student should research that idea thoroughly. He or she should gather books and articles on every aspect of the idea, including sources that discuss the topic from the vantage point of a different discipline. These other disciplines will help the student formulate thoughts from a wider information base, and they may make all the difference between a blasé exposition of the idea and a charismatic, graceful exploration of the idea. Furthermore, the student should be daring in his or her research, diligently tracking down information no matter where it may lie.

Third, students who wish to write great theses will couple their ideas with their research in a dynamic union. They will incorporate the research material in natural ways that flow well with the argument, and they will not make any unsupported claims. They will anticipate the readers' objections and calm them by offering solid explanations of why opposing viewpoints do not threaten their ideas' viability.

Finally, great theses undergo rigorous editing processes. The student who writes a great thesis never turns in a draft without having combed it for all grammatical and argumentative errors, and he or she does not shirk at the thought of multiple revisions. Rather, he or she knows that each revision makes the thesis stronger.