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How to Make a Thesis

Because a thesis is a unique project, students may need some guidance in how to make a thesis well. In learning how to make theses, students should remember that the four major components of thesis projects are research, writing, editing, and defense.

First, students who need to know how to make a thesis should begin by identifying a topic, choosing a perspective to argue on some aspect of that topic, and performing all the research necessary to support that perspective persuasively. Students should conduct thorough research in a thesis project; for example, they should not hesitate to perform any primary research that may be helpful, such as running original experiments, or to request research materials from other libraries.

Second, students who are learning how to make theses should organize the thoughts they have formed during the research. In this stage, writing an outline can help structure the thesis so that the writer knows in advance the trajectory of the writing process. After having written an outline, the thesis writer should then follow that outline, allowing one or two chapters for each major point that he or she wishes to make. He or she should then argue each point with a balance of original thinking and externally verifiable evidence. However, even in an exposition of personal opinions, the writer should adhere to an academic tone.

Third, the writer should edit the thesis both for content and for stylistic accuracy. In this part of the project, students often work closely with their major professors, who can identify the content errors and who guide the revisions. In contrast to other academic writing projects such as term papers, thesis projects often require a very long and detailed revision process; therefore, students should be sure to schedule an adequate amount of time for this stage.

Finally, the thesis project usually ends with a defense, in which the student argues his or her conclusions in front of a group of experts in the field. In preparation, students should study thoroughly and carefully review their major points, particularly the ones that seem weakest.