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How to Write a Masters Thesis

Sometimes students believe that they do not know how to write masters theses, when in reality they know perfectly well how to write but do not know how to handle the pressure of the situation. For those who experience anxiety with regard to how to write a masters thesis, two helpful hints are that the deadlines are flexible and that the actual writing of the thesis is at best a mere twenty percent of the project.

Often, by the time a student begins to write a thesis, he or she has spent so much time on idea development, research, and procrastination that the idea of writing a long academic work in the remaining period of time becomes overwhelming. The student feels enormous pressure to finish the thesis on a tight deadline, even though the writing progresses painfully slowly. However, instructors who know how to write masters theses realize that the process nearly always takes longer than anticipated, and they are willing to move deadlines in order to make the project more bearable for the student.

Once the student sets a new deadline that seems realistic, he or she may begin writing with more ease. As aforementioned, the writing itself is less than twenty percent of the project, coming in the midst of idea selection, research, organization, revision, and formatting; because masters theses always require extensive revising and editing, the student may consider the initial writing to be nothing more than a very rough draft. Viewing the writing this way is in fact beneficial, because it prepares the student psychologically for the task of revising; the student does not feel attached to phrases and sentences and feels freer to shift, reword, or omit things.

No one who knows how to write a masters thesis believes that it is an effortless task; it is normal for students to spend many nights in a nervous sweat over their projects' progress. However, the student must devise strategies to allow the writing to continue under stress, and the two mentioned above may provide some aid.