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How to Write a Thesis Statement

Students who are learning how to write thesis statements should first mentally identify their opinions on the chosen subjects. Because the thesis statement is a concise declaration of the term paper's argument, the best thing students can do to learn how to write thesis statements well is to think carefully through their opinions and the reasons they hold them.

Second, a student who is learning how to write a thesis statement should make some notes on a piece of scrap paper. These notes should contain the subject of the paper, the argument that the student wishes to make about that subject, and the points he or she intends to use to support that argument. Usually three to five points support an argument well.

The student should then organize those notes into a sentence, which will become the thesis statement. Frequently, term paper writers structure thesis statements so that they start with a dependent clause, such as a clause that begins with "although" or "in order to," then state the paper's position in an independent clause, and finally use an additional dependent clause or a string of phrases to state the paper's points. For example, a thesis statement may appear like this: "Although many literary critics have believed that Ernest Hemingway's 'Hills Like White Elephants' discreetly discusses the possibility of an abortion, a closer investigation demonstrates that it actually deals with [student's interpretation of the story], because of the presence of [first symbol], [second symbol], and [third symbol]." According to this template, the student would fill in the blanks with his or her interpretation of the story and reasons for believing that interpretation is correct. Because they contain such a great deal of information, thesis statements are often noticeably longer than a writer's ordinary sentences.

Students who need additional help learning how to write a thesis statement should consult their instructors, the university's writing lab, or an academic writing service in order to find and review more examples and techniques.