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How to Write Thesis Proposal

Students who do not know how to write thesis proposal pages should first consult their major professors. Often, a university department will have a specific format for how to write thesis proposal pages, and viewing an example thereof can save the student a great deal of effort in trying to figure out how to handle the task correctly.

Normally, students who are learning how to write thesis proposal pages should begin by clearly stating the problem or the topic under study. For this component of thesis proposals, they should try to craft a working thesis statement, recognizing that any thesis statement can grow and change as the project develops. This working thesis statement will show the major professor that the student has already done some preliminary thinking on the subject and has identified an area of the discipline in which some further research may be useful.

Second, students who are learning how to write thesis proposals may include a bibliography or some other statement of the research that they have already conducted. Because a thesis proposal is not the first step in creating a thesis but is instead the last step in the student's first stages of determining the trajectory of a thesis project, a thesis writer should have spent a fair amount of time doing research before attempting to write a proposal. The student who has not conducted any research will have a hard time convincing the professor that the subject is worthy of pursuit, but the student who has conducted a large amount of research will find it much easier to sway the opinions of a doubting professor.

Third, students who are learning how to write thesis proposal pages should also include a timeline of their anticipated project milestones. For example, the student should declare a date for the completion of the entirety of the project, as well as dates for completing research, writing a first draft, and conducting revisions. This timeline shows the instructor that the student is serious about producing a thesis in a timely manner.