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Literature Review APA

When students write literature reviews APA style, they gather sources relevant to a given topic, summarize them, and synthesize them in order to provide a brief overview of the literature available on that topic. Students who are writing literature reviews APA style should be sure to follow a few guiding principles.

First, the student who is writing a literature review APA style should clearly identify a topic on which to gather information. Normally, students perform better research and create better literature reviews if they narrowly define their topics; working from a highly specialized topic allows the student to collect and examine each work that pertains to the topic, weighing and analyzing them against each other.

Second, the student who is writing a literature review APA style should find and read a body of available information on that topic. If the literature review APA style is part of a thesis, the student may wish to exhaust the research sources on the subject in order to be able to offer a complete understanding of the literature; otherwise, the student may limit the scope of the literature review as the instructor requires, whether by number of sources or by the prominence of the research writers.

Third, students who are writing literature reviews APA style should write their findings, summarizing each source and comparing it with the other sources. Students may wish to organize the discussion of the research sources so that it reflects a certain pattern, such as an organization that proceeds in chronological order or an organization that groups similar perspectives together. Students should adhere to APA style, including in-text citations, which usually contain only the author and date of the work, as well as bibliographic entries, which contain the full identifying information of each work. They should also format each page correctly according to APA style, which includes listing the first phrase of the title next to each page number.