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Literature Review Examples

Literature review examples are easy to find, because journals and magazines publish them widely as a way to keep their readers abreast of the latest research and discussion in their subject areas. Students may also find literature review examples by asking their instructors for reviews that they may have archived due to their excellence or by performing an Internet search for reviews of the selected books. Because different venues have very distinct styles of reviews, one should be careful to search for a literature review example in the appropriate style.

Students who are writing literature reviews for an academic forum, such as for a thesis project, should avoid relying too heavily on popular reviews that appear in newspapers or casual magazines. While these popular level literature review examples may serve their purpose very well, they probably do not focus on academic concerns nor use an academic tone.

On the other hand, a literature review example that appears in a peer-reviewed journal probably will be helpful for the student writer, although the student will still have to exercise caution. These literature review examples will probably contain the proper tone and style for an academic audience, and they will probably contain the standard progression of introduction, summary, critical analysis, and conclusion. One should be aware, however, that the reviews that journals publish are usually much shorter than reviews that one submits as part of an academic project. Therefore, one who is reading a literature review example in order to learn how to write a review well will have to remember to expand each literature review component, particularly the critical analysis, in his or her own project.

The student who wishes to read literature review examples that exactly fit the project's needs may wish to consult his or her instructor or an academic writing service. The instructor may be able to provide literature review examples that contain the right format and length, and academic writing services may be able to write a literature review example on the student's subject area or chosen text.