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Literature Review Examples

When one is writing a literature review, sometimes literature review examples can provide an invaluable service in several different ways. Among those ways, literature review examples can demonstrate the usual format of a literature review, demonstrate the major points to contain in a summary of the work of literature, offer other critical views of the work, and point out things about the work that the student may not have realized.

First, a literature review example can show the student how to integrate successfully the elements of introduction, summary of the work, analysis of the work, and conclusion. By reading a few literature review examples, the student can get a grasp on how review writers usually handle each component individually as well as in relation to the other components.

Second, a literature review example that discusses the text the student has chosen can help the student realize which parts of that text should appear in a summary. This can be especially helpful if the work is convoluted or difficult to understand clearly, such as epic poetry.

Third, literature review examples for that chosen text will show the student the angles that others have taken when critiquing that work. For example, the student may encounter reviews written by experts in history as well as experts in languages or literary criticism; each of these experts will offer distinct praises and criticisms of the work of literature. These various perspectives can inform the student's own analysis of the text, and the student may even interact with those perspectives by name within his or her own literature review.

Fourth, literature review examples can help students learn things about the text that they did not know previously, and this newfound knowledge can at times save them from writing inept critiques. For example, perhaps the student finds something in the text that appears to be an error or a logical flaw, but in reality all that was lacking was the student's own understanding of the background of the concept. A literature review example will often mention such apparent errors and clear up the student's confusion.