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Master Thesis

Students write master theses in order to prove their competence in the academic field in which they are seeking a degree. Students whom qualified observers believe to be competent will receive master's degrees, which can prove their readiness for higher education or for professional jobs. Therefore, one's master thesis matters a great deal.

Although a master thesis usually requires extensive, exhaustive research that may demand more time and energy than any other part of the project, the goal of the project is to produce a strong synthesis of one's information in written form. Students usually aim to write between 50 and 150 pages, but it is important to remember that those pages must contain relevant content with no superfluous thoughts or insignificant tangents. The student must ensure that his or her idea as well as the research may create an argument that can last long enough to fill the length requirement for the department.

Additionally, a master thesis contains a verbal element, the oral defense. After having completed the master thesis in its entirety, including all editing, proofreading, and printing, the student submits the paper to several experts in the field, who read it and prepare questions. The student then meets with those experts and answers their questions in the best manner possible. Because one does not know those questions ahead of time, one must study the thesis itself as well as all important research sources in the weeks preceding the defense.

No one expects the student to know everything about the master thesis process immediately. It is a very complex task, and the student is free to ask all his or her questions, including those that relate to the thesis subject, side issues that come up in the research, mechanics of writing, and procedures for the oral defense. The student who has questions may try to find the answers through the major professor, the library help desk, classmates, and Internet search engines.