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MBA Thesis

The candidate for a Master's of Business Administration writes an MBA thesis in order to apply what he or she has learned throughout the degree program to a specific project. The successful student bears in mind that the discipline deals with ideas and models that are applicable to the real business world; a good MBA thesis can and should be innovative, but the student must convince the thesis's readers that all the ideas presented are practical and feasible.

First, the MBA candidate should identify a business problem or concern and form a hypothesis for how to solve it. The purpose of obtaining an MBA is to learn how to run a business well; therefore, the MBA student should attempt to write a thesis that will help a business function more efficiently, effectively, or profitably.

This problem and its possible solutions should focus on an area of business that interests the student. Again, practicality is a key issue. The student who writes a successful MBA thesis may offer the idea to business moguls in the area to which the thesis applies, who may in turn help the student obtain a job implementing that idea. Therefore, the student should not choose a topic that would be undesirable or ill-fitting as a career.

Research for MBA theses may differ somewhat from research for theses in other areas. The student should procure as much knowledge from books and journals as is useful, but he or she may have to perform a great deal of primary research in order to support the thesis's proposal. For example, the student may have to survey a sampling of the population, input vast amounts of data into spreadsheets, interview CEOs on their experiences, or pitch the idea to a businessperson and gauge his or her response. The MBA candidate should deduce and execute the most effective methods of research for the proposal at hand.

In MBA theses, innovation meets practicality. Ideally, the student will convincingly propose an idea that can effect positive changes in the business world with minimal drain on resources.