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Ph D Thesis

One writes a Ph D thesis as the crowning project before receiving a doctoral degree, and it usually represents the most strenuous, the deepest, and the most significant work of one's academic career. Because of the depth of research and thought necessary to produce a good Ph D thesis, one becomes an expert in that subject and often goes on to teach that subject at the university level.

The main obstacle preventing students from completing their Ph D theses is attrition; the projects require such tireless effort and diligence that many students simply do not complete them within the time period that the statute of limitations allows. In order to counteract that possibility of attrition, students should create personal deadlines and a detailed schedule of their anticipated progress, which will guide them steadily through the long process.

The key to writing good Ph D theses is to develop strong, original ideas that add a new point of discussion to the subject. For example, a Ph D thesis in literature may interpret a text in a new way. Students may develop good ideas by identifying their main areas of interest in the discipline and then pursuing questions or areas of curiosity that they have previously had about that discipline. The primary goal of a Ph D thesis is to synthesize a large body of information in an effective and unique way, and the student who focuses a large amount of effort on developing a worthy idea will have a much greater chance of success in fulfilling that goal.

Students who are writing Ph D theses usually must read a vast amount of material on their chosen subjects and at times may have to figure out innovative ways of obtaining information that the reading material does not contain. For example, one may have to build equipment upon which to run unique experiments. Students who write excellent Ph D theses go to extreme lengths to acquire all information necessary to confirm or deny their ideas.