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Research Paper Thesis

A research paper thesis discusses a selected topic in a highly detailed, highly informed way. Research paper theses require the strongest research that a student has ever conducted; they are the culmination of a college career of learning to conduct research, to determine the value of research sources, and to synthesize that information in writing.

When students write research paper theses, they should narrow their topics so that the theses discuss a very specific, clearly stated subject. Unlike term papers that can usually only adequately discuss one aspect of a topic, theses have the space to discuss several aspects of a topic, but the writer must be extremely clear which areas of the subject the thesis will cover and which areas it will not cover.

The student who is writing a research paper thesis should perform research as exhaustively as possible. Whereas term papers have tight deadlines that in some ways prohibit in-depth research, theses have more flexible deadlines, and writers do not have to submit them within one semester. Therefore, writers have a greater opportunity to pursue potentially productive rabbit trails and to request a number of books and documents through interlibrary loan.

Depending on one's subject for a research paper thesis, one may want to conduct some primary research. Primary research is the information that one gains through one's own work rather than reading it in a journal or book; this research often comes in the form of taking surveys, conducting interviews, or experimenting. Students who conduct primary research for their research paper theses should document their findings very carefully, so that they may defend them and offer them to others if the need arises.

Research paper theses provide the student with an excellent opportunity to become an expert in one subject. Students should choose their subjects carefully and try to discover everything about them. Their theses will accurately reflect the quality of their research.