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Sample of Literature Review

Because literature review writing can be very different from other types of writing, students may want to obtain a sample of literature review writing in order to aid in the development of their own reviews. Students should obtain such samples of literature reviews through several different sources, so that they may be aware of the broad range of review possibilities. Ideally, they should obtain samples of literature reviews from popular publications, such as Atlantic Monthly; from online academic resources or academic journals; and from sources at their universities, such as their professors or the writing lab.

First, a sample of literature review writing from a popular publication will show the student some creative possibilities, particularly with respect to expressing one's opinion in a unique manner. Popular-level literature reviews often wax poetic in their criticisms or their praise for a work of literature, and mimicking this type of writing can be an excellent exercise for the student who is learning to write a literature review. However, if the student is writing the review for academic purposes, he or she should continue researching samples of literature reviews; these popular-level reviews do not generally meet the needs of academic writing.

Second, students may obtain samples of literature review writing through online academic resources or academic journals. In contrast to popular-level reviews, these academic reviews usually offer more objective, evidence-based assessments of the work of literature in a more reserved tone. Students who attempt to write literature reviews as if they were going to publish them in a peer-reviewed journal will probably write the appropriate type of literature review for an academic grade.

However, the student may also benefit from obtaining a sample of literature review writing from a resource within his or her university, because such a sample will show how to format the review correctly and how to cite any other research sources appropriately. Learning how to handle these types of logistical matters can greatly improve the overall appearance of an academic literature review.