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Sample Thesis

By being aware of and using good academic resources, students can often find excellent sample theses that will aid them in the development of their own theses. On the other hand, students who want to use sample theses as reference tools but who do not exercise discernment in their choice of resources may end up with substandard sample theses.

Good academic resources include major professors; university libraries; and reputable academic websites, including thesis writing services. The student who wishes to obtain a sample thesis for extra guidance should first consult his or her major professor, because the professor may be able to provide a sample thesis that uses the same format, style, and research specifications as the student's thesis.

The student may also consult the university library. Sometimes university libraries have entire rooms dedicated to bound theses, where the student may find hundreds of theses that the university considered academically sound. Additionally, the librarian at the help desk may be able to recommend certain theses that correspond to the student's field of study or required style manual.

The student may also find a sample thesis on many reputable websites, such as those of universities, thesis assistance services, and academic writing services. Students who browse such websites should pay careful attention to the credentials of their writers. If a website does not offer any verification of who its writers are, the student may not want to use a sample thesis found therein, because the quality of any sample thesis is completely unknown. On the other hand, if the website solidly stands behind the competence of its writers and if it offers reviews that support its claims, the student may feel much more comfortable using its sample theses.

Because of the extreme amount of unsubstantiated material on the Internet, the student who wishes to obtain a sample thesis to aid in his or her own project should pay careful attention to the resources providing those samples, discarding any websites that do not offer truthful, easily accessible information about themselves.