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Student Thesis

One writes a student thesis in preparation to complete a large segment of academic education, such as in preparation to receive a master's degree. Student theses are extensive projects that present challenges as well as rewards; one of the greatest rewards is that the student has the opportunity to explore exhaustively an academic area of personal interest. After one has completed a successful student thesis, one may have gained a modicum of professional respect in the field and may publish portions of the thesis in highly respectable academic journals.

In order to write the best student thesis possible, the student should form a plan at the beginning of the process that shows when to complete each stage of the process. For example, the student may have personal deadlines for developing an idea, conducting research, writing an outline, and writing a series of drafts. The student will base these deadlines on the intended graduation date; he or she will need to complete the thesis well in advance of that date in order to allow time to schedule a thesis defense. Additionally, the student should plan at least several weeks and possibly as long as a month or two to study for the defense; this studying involves rereading the thesis in order to remember its details as well as returning to the major research sources and brushing up on the information they provide.

Students should know before beginning their student theses that they may encounter unforeseen difficulties, and they may have to overcome those difficulties in creative ways. For example, it is not unusual for the writer of a student thesis to have to conduct some primary research, which is information that the writer gathers for himself or herself rather than reading it in a book or journal, in order to fill in gaps in available information. However, students who prepare themselves psychologically for this type of contingency may enjoy the challenge, because they will have a chance to prove that they are capable of handling obstacles and adversity in pursuit of academic excellence.