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Term Paper Thesis

A term paper thesis or thesis statement is the idea that drives the term paper, expressing the course of the paper's argument or the scope of the information it will provide on a given subject. The term paper thesis statement is the most important part of the whole paper, because it defines what the paper will contain; therefore, the student should invest a large amount of effort in it in comparison to other parts of the term paper.

Term paper theses should include every point that students want to make in their term papers. For example, the student who wishes to argue in favor of a four-day school week may include in the thesis statement the reduction in harmful emissions from the school bus engines, the school's ability to save money on bus drivers and gasoline, and the school's decreased risk of costly accidents due to reducing the students' weekly commute time. Students should also briefly mention the purpose of their arguments. In the above example, the student who is writing about the four-day school week may begin the term paper thesis statement with the phrase, "In order to relieve some of the pressures of environmental and economic concerns…" The goal is to set up a sentence that concisely covers everything the paper wishes to discuss, which usually consists of the reasons behind the discussion, the author's conclusions on the subject, and the supporting evidence that the author intends to present. A finely balanced term paper thesis statement can help the student know exactly where the writing should go at each step of the process.

Students who are composing term paper theses should avoid including any superfluous words or phrases. Although the introductory paragraph may contain a witty quote or startling factoid that catches the reader's attention but does not serve as a primary point of discussion, the term paper thesis statement itself should contain no unnecessary phrases. For example, if the student does not wish to discuss the environmental benefits of a four-day school week, he or she should not mention the environment whatsoever in the term paper thesis statement.