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Thesis Archive

After students write and defend their theses successfully, they often send their work to a book bindery, which publishes it in book form. Students then give those theses in book form to the university library, which stores them in the thesis archive room. The thesis archive room is the university's showroom of its students' best and most engaging work.

Thesis archives hold students' theses so that others may have access to them. In some cases, thesis archives are the only place where a student's work sees the light of day. However, students should not consider the thesis archive room to hold only dusty, uninteresting, irrelevant tomes; if one considers that each thesis should make some contribution to its field, the thesis archive room may be full of wonderful, innovative ideas.

Students who are writing theses may want to browse the thesis archives at their university library to see if any of that material is relevant to their own work. The archives may contain theses on similar topics, and those theses may be able to provide the student with an excellent bibliography from which to learn of other research possibilities. They can also show the student the normal thesis format for that university; one may take note of the theses' font, margin size, approximate length, and approximate number of chapters (recognizing, of course, that length and chapter considerations can vary widely from topic to topic). Students who have the patience to skim through a few theses can also become accustomed to the tone and the pace of argumentation for theses, which can be very different from those of term papers and other shorter projects.

Students who have questions about the format or writing for theses should consult the thesis archive room of their university library, which may provide numerous useful answers. Thesis archives provide a wealth of education in example research and academic writing methods.