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Thesis Discussion

A thesis discussion is the student's development of his or her own ideas in relation to the ideas of others. Thesis discussions can take place in written form, such as the student's explication of the thesis idea in relation to the evidence that the research has provided, or they can take place verbally, such as in dialogue with the major professor or with the panel of readers on the thesis defense board.

In order to get the most benefit out of any thesis discussion, the student should carefully balance his or her own thought process with the input of authorities in the field, going back and forth between personal conclusions and external research. For example, the student should begin with an idea that he or she finds promising for the development of a thesis project. Second, that idea should undergo some intensive research, in which the student finds out as much about the topic as possible. Third, the student should clarify his or her own private conclusions about the topic and should then weigh those conclusions against the evidence that the research presents. Finally, in the writing of the thesis, the student should explicate that back-and-forth process for the reader, interweaving his or her own ideas with research evidence and expert opinions.

Thesis discussions can also take place verbally while students are crafting their thesis projects. They may begin to develop an idea and then check its viability by discussing it with their major professors. The professors may have new ideas or perspectives to add, which students can weigh against their own ideas and the research they have found. Students who are having thesis discussions with their professors or with other experts should feel absolutely free to assert their own opinions, as long as they are defensible, because the goal of any thesis is to contribute something original to the field. Students should not feel timid during thesis discussions but should instead argue their own perspectives strongly, albeit cordially and professionally.