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Thesis Editor

Thesis editors may offer valuable feedback to students who are writing theses. Because the writer of a thesis works so closely with the material, he or she may easily lose sight of the accuracy of the technical details or the optimal organization. A writer will probably be able to identify and include all necessary information or evidence for each point, but he or she may not be able to recognize objectively when the argument takes unwise turns or when gaps in information or logic occur. Furthermore, the thesis writer will probably become an expert on the subject, but he or she may not necessarily become a strong writer. In all of these cases, thesis editors may be able to offer advice that will drastically improve the thesis's strength.

The student who decides to use a thesis editor has three tasks to do in order to obtain the best help possible. First, one must find an editor. Thesis editors may be available through the university's writing lab or through professional services. Ideally, one should procure an editor who knows the thesis's subject well and who is also a strong writer, because that type of editor will be able to recognize misused or overlooked information as well as grammatical errors.

Second, one should evaluate the thesis editor's capabilities. One may ask a prospective editor for examples of past work, credentials, and references. Because a thesis is such a major project, one should not feel uncomfortable requesting any of this information; bad editing can sometimes be worse than no editing at all.

Third, after the thesis editor has completed the job, the thesis writer should review the work carefully. No matter what credentials the editor may have, the writer still retains absolute control and responsibility over the final draft of the thesis and should not accept corrections or suggestions blindly. The writer should ask the thesis editor about any suggestion that seems unclear or unhelpful, and if the editor does not clarify the problem, the writer should ask a third party.