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Thesis Example

The student may easily find a thesis example for any topic through the use of an Internet search engine. Thesis examples have their benefits and their liabilities, however, and the wise student should be aware of both.

Thesis examples may benefit the student in at least two profound ways. First, the student who searches for thesis examples within the chosen subject area will find out what other people in the field have studied, which may in turn help the student develop a workable idea. The student may decide to confine this search to reading titles and abstracts, because they provide quick information regarding the ideas that others have already covered. The student may not need to read a whole thesis example if his or her goal is to develop a unique idea.

Second, the student who finds several theses that cover the selected subject may benefit from browsing their bibliographies. The student who compares several bibliographies will quickly realize who the recognized authorities on the subject are, because more than one bibliography will list those sources. This knowledge can help the student begin research in an immediately profitable way by going directly to those sources and examining their thoughts on the subject.

On the other hand, the student who struggles with developing independent work may not benefit as greatly from reading a thesis example. The student may find that reading another person's thesis inhibits original thinking; he or she may feel that that thesis's argument or experiment is the only one that can conceivably apply to the subject. Obviously one argument or one experiment does not exhaust the possibilities for the study of a given subject, but if the student is still in the extreme early stages of the project and cannot create another viable idea, he or she should consider shifting subject areas.

A thesis example can both help and harm the student, providing resources as well as temptation. It is the student's responsibility to identify the difference between using the thesis example as a tool and using it as a crutch.