Dissertation Writing Help

Thesis Form

A thesis form is a sheet that a student submits as part of the thesis proposal; it provides brief information about the student, such as his or her name, student ID number, and major. Additionally, it may contain other identifying information as necessary depending on the size of the university, and it may ask for some more specific thesis information such as the proposed title of the thesis and its completion date.

Students who plan to write theses should first check with their major professors to find out if they need to fill out and turn in thesis forms and proposals. Even small departments may require students to submit thesis forms in order to standardize the method of producing a thesis project. A student's major professor will probably be able to provide the thesis form on the spot, and the student may then take it, fill it out, and create a thesis proposal to submit with it.

Students who submit thesis forms should try to give as accurate information as possible. Some of the information will be easy, such as the student's name, but the student will have to make choices regarding other points of information, such as the date he or she plans to complete the thesis. Students should talk with their professors in order to choose a reasonable completion date; if they choose a date that is too early, they may experience a great deal of stress in completing it, but if they choose a date that is too late, they may inadvertently procrastinate on the project. Usually, one should not plan to spend more than a year on a thesis, unless the project specifically warrants a longer period of time.

Additionally, the student may have to list a proposed title for the thesis. If so, he or she should try to create the most accurate title possible based on the research and thinking conducted up to that point. However, students should realize that their titles will probably metamorphose as their projects progress.