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Because a thesis is in essence a research dialogue between previous researchers and the student, who develops a new perspective for the discussion, example theses may provide some excellent feedback and food for thought for the student writer. They may help the student think more critically about different perspectives on the subject of the thesis, about other research, and about writing and argumentation. Because one can find example theses online in such abundance, they may especially provide good inductive information for the student who is honing his or her project.

First, theses online that discuss the same subject as the student's thesis may provide other ways of viewing the same research and may draw different conclusions from it. These different views of the same information may help the student identify weaknesses or flaws in the argument, and they may offer the student something against which to argue. This having something concrete to refute can be a powerful rhetorical tool.

Second, a thesis online may discuss research sources that the student has not heretofore encountered, or it may draw out new possibilities from research that the student would otherwise have ignored. Students should carefully review any bibliographies they find that treat approximately the same subject matter as their theses. These bibliographies may mention research sources that no one has published for the general public, such as interviews, but the student may contact the writer of that thesis and try to obtain primary documentation of that research.

Third, a thesis online may be able to help the student develop a strong argument. As noted above, theses online that propound opposing arguments may give the student something against which to argue. Theses online may also, regardless of their subject matter or perspective thereon, teach the student how to argue a point well. The student should pay attention to the writer's technique in presenting evidence as it supports the thesis's points. This technique is a learned skill that is common to most academic writing, and reading academic writing is an excellent way to become proficient in it.