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Thesis Paper

A thesis paper is writing project that one completes as a requirement for a bachelor's or master's degree. Thesis papers can stand alone as distinct projects, or they may report on another project or experiment to create a unified capstone work.

Students should plan on writing theses that are fifty to one hundred pages long, which may be quite a bit longer than any previously completed academic work. However, the student does not need to feel pressure to write all fifty pages at once; instead, theses flow much better if the writer divides the argument clearly into chapters and then writes one chapter at a time. In effect, then, the thesis becomes a collection of closely related chapters, each of which may function similarly to a long term paper. The student may then form the separate chapters into a single thesis paper by writing an introduction and conclusion to the whole work.

Because thesis papers are longer than term papers, they require a proportionally longer amount of time to reach completion. A good student who researches thoroughly and does not procrastinate may generally plan on spending a year writing a thesis paper. One should create a flexible schedule for that year, charting project milestones and deadlines with regard to research, writing, and editing. Furthermore, one should allow at least two months at the end of the writing process so that one's major professor may read the thesis paper and suggest revisions. If a student does not plan time for revisions, he or she may have to choose to graduate in a later semester in order to complete the thesis.

After having completed all revising and editing, the student will have to defend the thesis paper in front of a panel of experts, usually including professors from the department. The defense comprises two portions, an oral summary of the material of the thesis and a question and answer period in which the experts drill the student. The question and answer period may be particularly stressful, but the student may reduce stress by reviewing the thesis and its research sources ahead of time.