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What Is Literature Review

Students who have to write literature reviews should first learn what is literature review writing. Literature review writing is a form of writing that expresses the writer's professional opinion on a chosen piece of literature; depending on the forum, the review can be bawdy and sensational or reserved, objective, and unbiased in tone. Students who are learning what are literature reviews and what are their various tones should compare the reviews that they find in major popular publications, such as the New Yorker, with reviews that they find in academic journals.

Students who are learning what is literature review writing should know that in general, literature reviews break down into four components: introduction, summary of the work of literature, analysis, and conclusion. First, the introduction grabs the reader's attention and may provide some very basic information about the work of literature under discussion, such as the author of the work, the author's years of birth and death, and the author's profession.

Second, the summary briefly synopsizes the content of the work of literature. Students who are learning what are literature reviews should be aware that the summary is not the most important part of the review, and in most reviews it should take up only a few paragraphs. The summary states the major points of the work but does not include details.

Third, the analysis states the strengths and weaknesses of the work. This section allows the review writer much more freedom of tone and expression, so the student who is learning what is literature review writing in an academic forum should try to pursue an objective, evidence-based tone, not using emotionalism or witty turns of phrasing to persuade the reader. Students who are writing academic reviews should try to balance praise with criticism and should try to avoid making unilateral judgments of affirmation or condemnation, unless the work absolutely warrants such an approach.

Finally, the conclusion recapitulates the review writer's opinion about the usefulness of the book. The conclusion should be very brief, perhaps only two or three sentences, depending on the length of the review.