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Write Thesis

Students often have to write thesis papers in order to graduate with various types of bachelor's or master's degrees. A thesis proves that the student can choose a topic related to the discipline, research it thoroughly, and produce a major original work on it. While theses are of course academic works, students who write theses may find that the psychological struggle to produce is more daunting than the actual academic component.

However, certain technical strategies may help students write thesis papers. First, the student should set a number of personal deadlines. These deadlines should be specific, dealing with milestones in research, organization, writing, and editing. The student should then enlist the help of a friend that will keep him or her accountable to those dates, because deadlines that one can ignore with complete impunity are meaningless.

Second, the student should develop a research plan that searches for potential sources systematically. For example, the student may make a list of bibliographies and research databases to search. He or she should allow this plan to grow and develop during the course of research, keeping a list of the works that sources cite and then looking up those works. Research plans help students know where they stand in relation to the vast amount of research that they could potentially perform.

Third, students who write theses should limit themselves to thinking about one chapter at a time. Distraction is the enemy of the thesis chapter, and the student who allows ideas from several chapters to circulate all at the same time will find it difficult to produce any chapters at all. If one experiences anxiety about losing ideas for subsequent chapters, one should keep a notepad with a separate page for each chapter and should write notes as the project progresses; these notes will safeguard those ideas for the appropriate point in the writing process.

Students who write theses will almost universally have a rewarding but challenging experience. In order to experience the challenge in a manageable way, the student may profitably follow strategies such as those listed above.