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Writing a Master's Thesis

Writing a master's thesis is a task that revolves around developing and expressing original thoughts or reporting on original primary research. The student may find this task very difficult, but certain strategies may make writing master's theses easier.

First, the student should regularly dialogue with his or her major professor regarding the progress of the thesis and any questions that may arise. The student should not hesitate to ask a multitude of questions; this professor will read the student's thesis several times at various stages and will suggest revisions, so asking questions during the writing process may save the student some effort during the revising process.

Second, the student should identify any personal academic weaknesses. For example, perhaps the student habitually performs too little research, procrastinates, or struggles with using correct grammar or punctuation. The student may implement strategies to counteract these weaknesses; particularly, the student may enlist the help of a good friend who will serve as an accountability partner, asking questions such as, "How many research sources have you read this week for your thesis?" Overcoming these weaknesses will dramatically improve the student's experience in writing a master's thesis.

Third, students may find the anxiety of writing master's theses overwhelming. A master's thesis is a huge project that carries great weight, so the student's anxiety is normal. In order to overcome performance anxiety, the student may find it helpful to write with music blaring; to write in a public area, such as a coffee shop; or to write on index cards, cocktail napkins, or grocery store receipts. The goal of all such strategies is to eliminate the heavy formality of writing a master's thesis. Above all, the student who suffers from anxiety must remember that he or she does not have to write the first draft in a polished, ready-for-publication manner; the thesis will pass through several revisions under the professor's guidance, and each time the writing will become stronger and very different from previous drafts.