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Written Thesis

A written thesis may be a project that falls outside the normal trajectory of a student's study, particularly if the student has focused on mathematical or scientific fields. However, in such cases, written theses can provide a forum in which students may explicate their unique projects for a broad audience.

First, the student whose field of study has required extensive primary research may publicly present that research through a written thesis. For example, if the majority of the student's graduate studies focused on building a faster or smaller piece of computer equipment, the written thesis may explain that equipment's development, usage, or viability for mass production. The written thesis provides a way in which the student's work can become accessible to the public; by contrast, an experiment whose results never reach textual format will probably not have a noticeable influence on its field.

Second, students who have focused on practical studies may find written theses an intriguing way in which to organize their thoughts. For example, students who have pursued a degree in education may find the written thesis a compelling way in which to process their personal classroom experiences against research that they find on a given subject, such as classroom management or special education strategies.

Third, students who have majored in the performing or visual arts may, through the act of research and writing, find new and intriguing ways to explore their disciplines. For example, the student whose painting has drawn heavily from abstract impressionism may create a written thesis exploring the artistic movements that gave rise to abstract impressionism, which may in turn lead the student to develop a new artistic style based on those influencing movements.

Because the act of writing develops and solidifies one's thinking, students who have to produce written theses for disciplines that do not normally depend on the written word may find the exercise to be more beneficial than initially anticipated.